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MrJohnny's KidEvents began in 1999 as a single page "faxed" listing of activities for children in Austin. Our early editions reached a whopping 200 readers. Now there are more than 4000 current subscribers to the Weekend Events E-letter while the website draws more than 5000 unique visitors monthly.

Our website is referenced in event and parenting websites and blogs all over the Austin area and the Weekend Update is forwarded to major employers such as IBM, National Instruments, and the City of Austin as well as many Moms Clubs and Nanny Groups.

Each week, Kynna Sullivan, our Austin Editor spends many hours researching and verifying the information that goes into our list to make certain that you we continue to provide current, accurate and useful information to help busy moms and dads find the best opportunities to spend quality time with their children.

Our readers are active parents in the Austin/North Austin area with children ages 18 months to 12 years old.

Reader Quotes:

..."This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I am really excited to have a listing of events for the kids - I was actually just wondering if something like this existed. Thanks so much --this is great!" -Barb

...Thanks soooo much for your fantastic calendar service! It suits us perfectly since we are always on the go before we know where we are going! Huge Fan." -Lydia

..."My favorite website...We get great ideas AND ticket discounts to local events through them." Roggie

..."Thank you for your info! Me & My family love it!! Greatly appreciated!!" -Jo

..."I just love your weekend ideas. You have helped to make some fun memories for our family. Thank you so much!"-Nicole

..."I am hooked on your newsletter and I so appreciate your efforts in bringing culture and fun to Austin families! We are relatively new to the area and your newsletter has been a life-saver! -Melissa

Kidevents is supported by John and Sharon Williams (aka MrJohnny & Sharon) with much appreciated help from our local sponsors. Please read from these nice folks below.

Sponsor Quotes

...Gymboree Play & Music advertises special events with KidEvents/Mrjohnny, and it always seems to drive a surge in attendance. Their target market is very similar to ours, and they have a great audience of fun-seeking parents who rely on them to plan their activities each week.
. -Cristina Feldott, Gymboree

..."Advertising with Mr. Johnny's Kid Events has been very effective and has provided great exposure for us. Our sponsorship of their E-mail Update and our ads on their website have generated a substantial amount of interest and registrations for us. They are a direct link to our client base and we have benefited from working with them to market our classes to families with children ages 0 to 5.
. "-Stephanie Puente, Heartsong Music

...Thank You to Mr. Johnny's Kid Events! I feel the advertising for the Central Texas Kids Expo reached our target market from Bell County through out Austin....I can not express enough appreciation for your website getting the word out through out all Central Texas. Your website is THE website for events for families in Central Texas!!Thank you for your commitment to our kids!"
-Lynda Pohl, Central Texas Kids Expo

...We are really impressed with the response we've gotten! It is obvious that you've done a lot of work to building a following! Thank you for seeking us out and choosing to work with us!"
. - Jan Dosky, Austin Waldorf School

..."Mr Johnny's Kid Event and Kid Tickets websites have really helped us reach clients that we normally wouldn't have been able to reach. Their simple, unique system is a win-win for everyone involved! Our response has been great and I will continue to use their services in the future."
. - Alycia White, Brain waves Music and Learning Center

..."KidEvents.com is the best place to find family-friendly activities in the Austin area! Advertising with Mr. Johnny’s has always brought us a great turnout!"
. - The Dinosaur Park

..."Thank you very much for your all your assistance promoting the recent Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performances here at the Frank Erwin Center. We easily surpassed last year’s total number of tickets. In fact, we sold five times as many tickets to Kid Events members this year, than we did last year. To say that I was excited to see the large number of ticket requests from your members would be an understatement. Thank you once again for your continued support of family entertainment at the Frank Erwin Center, and I look forward to working with Kid Events in the near future."
. - Ben Sonnier, Frank Erwin Center

... Thank you so much for your sponsor ad! We saw an incredible difference the very first week and we sold out almost the entire run! I think this method of advertising is the most effective that I have found in 8 years of business advertising. I will certainly use you again for other shows. Thank you."
. - Jessica Arjet, Flying Theater Machine

...Thank you very much for your continued support in growing our Life Ki-do program in the Austin Community. Ever since we began advertising with you 6 years ago, we consistently get new students when we participate in your KidEvents e-mails. In addition from benefiting us immediately with new students, you all are a joy to work with and make a great contribution to improving the lives of the children, families and the entire Austin Community. We also see great value in the general branding we receive from teaming up with your organization."
. - Fabian Hewitt- Life Ki-do Martial Arts & Life Education

..."As presenters of kids shows, we are always looking of ways to reach parents of small children. Partnering with Mr Johnny's Kidevents has been one of our most successful promotions in helping target this audience."
. -Lana Patricios, One World Theatre

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